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NL12 is the name of Leo Erken’s Amsterdam based workshop. At NL12 we develop and produce journalistic stories for multimedia, printed media as well as for television. We also help other orginasations with the production of multimedia, books, films and exhibitions.

All pictures by Leo Erken (or stated otherwise). Leo is represented by Laif in Germany and Panos in the UK.

This site is made with co-opperation of Leonie Hoever based on a Bricks & Mason theme.

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Friends in photography:
Ola Lanko
Hristina Tasheva
Roger Cremers
Sander Veeneman
Ernie Buts
Bob Bronshoff

Russian Stories
Egbert Hartman

Marie Louise Schipper

Friends in books

Friends in tulips
Jan Ligthart
The Amsterdam Tulip Museum