nl12 | lab is looking for a new intern.

nl12 | lab is an Amsterdam based multimedia studio that specializes in XR-productions on contemporary and historical themes. With our partners in the field of museum, archives, festivals and educational institutes we create new media narratives to bring major social issues closer to the public. Our hands-on working structure unites artists from various backgrounds, disciplines and generations. Together we create a new approach for storytelling and interaction.
For the period September to February – 2023-2024 we have a vacancy for one (or maybe two) intern(s) for two days a week or more. We’re looking for music, art, film, photography, coding or design students who have strong commitments to social issues and like to stretch boundaries and possibilities to join us in finding new ways of (digital) storytelling. We’re looking for someone who loves investigating digital technology as well as digging into art and music.
We’re a peer-learning team, your task will be to study with us and share your findings and knowledge. We’ll share ours with you. We create while we learn. Days at nl12 | lab can be intense, but there’s always time to visit festivals, museums and exhibitions to reflect on our work and what we stand for.
We can discuss the content of the internship as well as the time schedule to keep it aligned with your study program. You’ll receive a modest but fair financial compensation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Please send a motivation email with a portfolio pdf or link to Leo Erken at

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