The book Улица Street Straße – Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union 1987-2003, published in 2013, recounts the turbulent period in Eastern Europe and Russia in the period after the fall of the Iron Curtain as seen from the vision of a Dutch photojournalist. Улица-Street-Straße arose after several presentations of dummies during the Book Fair in Leipzig in recent years. There an audience appeared of (Young) Eastern Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians and others from countries of the former Soviet Union with a special interest in this form of visual history story telling. The book does not only show the historic events but especially day to day life in that timeframe. The bilingualism of the book, English-Russian and Russian-German, helps the different generations to discuss and share their histories. (Click on the picture for the next one.)

Улица Street Straße | Восточнaя Европa и бывший Советский Союз | Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union | Osteuropa und die ehemalige Sowjetunion 1987-2003.