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Eva Besnyö – the choice collection


Leo Erken’s first television documentary about the great Dutch – Hungarian photographer Eva Besnyö (1910-2003).


Eva Besnyö and Paul Huf at the Naarden Photo festival 1999. Photo Anke Teunissen.


Eva Besnyö and Paul Huf at the Naarden Photo festival 1999. On the left: Leo Erken Photo Anke Teunissen.


Eva Besnyö at her home in de Vondelstraat in Amsterdam 2001. Photo Anke Teunissen.

Eva Besnyö and Ata Kando filmed by cameraman Deen van Der Zaken, sound man Charles Kersten and director Leo Erken who also made this picture.


Poster for the film made by Eva’s old friend Jan Bons (1918-2012)



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