Leigh Bowery with Nicola Bateman and Richard Torry in Fort Asperen, The Netherlands, 1994.


In summer 1994 Leo was sent by The Independent Magazine to the Fort Asperen art show to make a report on a performance by the London based artist Leigh Bowery.

Leo: ‘Leigh Bowery was famous in the art scene in London, as a club owner, fashion designer, performance artist and model for Lucian Freud. Mr Bowery and his friends were very nice and polite; I was welcomed to photograph whatever I wanted. He was also very nervous for the act that was coming up. Understandable: he was about to swing himself hanging upside down naked with clothespins on his penis trough a big glass plate. He was not the only one who was nervous: the three quickly drank a small bottle of whiskey before they went to perform. Afterwards he was so exited from adrenaline that he was jumping around like a little child. Half a year after the pictures where taken Leigh Bowery died.

The Independent Magazine never ran the story and for years I thought the negatives where lost. Last week while digging in the archive, I found them back’.


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